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In business and healthcare settings, a simple literal translation provided by low-cost internet or machine translation services isn’t enough. Your business, legal and medical documents require special attention and quality control.

Quality control is what makes us different.

Unlike many agencies that send documents to a single translator, then deliver final documents to clients, every document ILS translates goes through a multi-step process to ensure absolute accuracy at the same price as single-step agencies:
  • Documents are translated by an experienced, full-time professional translator; where certifications for translators are available, ILS uses only certified translators.
  • Documents flow to an independent, native speaking editor for review and quality check. Many agencies skip this vital quality control step.
  • The translator and editor collaborate to work out differences and nuances in word selection. Only then is a document released to the client.

ILS translation services really shine for clients with frequent document translation needs. ILS uses the latest industry translation memory software that can be customized to each client. Many phrases can be translated accurately in multiple ways, and different clients in different markets may have their own unique preferences for specific phrases. Memory software tracks translated phrases by client so when common phrases appear in subsequent documents, ILS uses the same translation for consistency and to keep costs low. Common phrases don’t have to be translated repeatedly, saving high-volume clients significant translation expenses.

ILS also provides you complete desktop publishing services. Once your translation is complete, we'll take your original files and artwork, and return them to you as camera-ready artwork or print files.

Professionalism you can rely on.

All translators working with International Language Services must have 5 years translation experience and spend at least 50% of their work time translating in order to qualify as active professionals in the field. In addition, the American Translators Association (ATA) offers certification in select languages. ILS seeks certified translators in languages for which an certification exists. For the non-certified languages we require that the translators are members of ATA to ensure the best possible professional staff, not just someone who knows the language. Many of the translators and editors we use are medical doctors, attorneys or engineers, and each translation project is matched to the subject matter expertise of the translator.