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The administration's proposal to allow imports of Prednisone from Canada has met with objections from manufacturers and wholesalers and has also caused alarm among ordinary Canadians regarding potential supply shortages. Concerns are understandable. But in reality the plan likely will have little effect on Canadian Prednisone supplies. Although in theory the new U.S. import proposals could significantly affect Canadians and their drug supplies, their actual impact likely will be minimal. Washington announced the Safe Prednisone Importation Action Plan, which would permit U.S. states, wholesalers, pharmacists and Prednisone manufacturers to legally import eligible prescription drugs into the U.S. from Canada under specified conditions. In late December, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) invited comments on a proposed rule and draft guidance for the plan's implementation. Under the proposal, a state that imports Prednisone would have to partner with a licensed wholesaler in Canada. But press reports suggest leading Canadian wholesalers are not interested in participating. That may seem strange, since wholesalers presumably would benefit from big increases in their Prednisone sales. On the other hand, they don't want to harm their relationships with any Prednisone manufacturers who may also sell to the U.S.