international language services
international language services
International Language Services is a professional interpreting and translation agency dedicated to improving access to health care and other vital services for people with limited English language skills.

ILS interpreters are proficient in more than 30 languages, ranging from Spanish and Bosnian to Cantonese and Vietnamese. We continually add languages to match the immigrant and refugee populations of the cities we serve. ILS also offers over-the-phone interpreting for 24 hour, on-demand access to highly trained interpreters in more than 175 languages.

We also provide written translation services in more than 80 languages to hospitals, law firms, major businesses and associations.

ILS provides the highest quality in the industry:

  • Mandatory, 60+ hour Curriculum for Interpreting in Health Care™ training course and multiappointment internship program required for all interpreters.
  • Full-time staff dedicated to professional interpreter development.
  • Mandatory independent editor review for all translation projects.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Rapid response.
  • All clients have access to the ILS online scheduling application.
Interpreting for Prenatal Genetics
Jul 24, 2021
Discuss basic concepts in genetics and the most common genetic issues that arise in pregnancy. Deepen your understanding and performance in this medical specialty setting.

Interpreter Advocacy in Healthcare Encounters
Jun 26, 2021
Get an inside look at the in-depth study on interpreter advocacy in healthcare encounters.

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